Aug 122011

A Selection of Legal Fees Articles From the Past Week 

Dramatic FINRA Arbitrations Slam Attorneys’ Fees  (Forbes) The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority reduced what it felt were excessive attorneys’ fees in recent arbitration. Despite a default judgment being issued, the arbitrator slashed over 50% of claimed fees because the documentations failed to specify the tasks being performed with reasonable specificity. – 

Attorney Fees May Cost Seattle in Civil Suit (AP via Charleston Daily Mail) – Despite only winning $1, a fee petition for $419,000 in attorneys’ fees was filed against the city of Seattle in US District Court. In the underlying case a man sued the city for holding him at gunpoint too long. Although the judge only awarded him $1 in damages, under the prevailing party rule he can seek reasonable attorney fees.  –

Court Deducts More Than $48,000 from Attorney’s Fee Application for Clerical Work, Overstaffing and Excessive Hours  (Sterling Analytics) In Brown v. City of Pittsburgh, the plaintiff filed a motion with the court seeking $248,558 in attorneys’ fees.  After considering the City’s objections to the plaintiff’s request, the court reduced the fee request by more than $48,000. –

Children & Youth owes $112k in Attorney Fees – A US judge awarded attorneys’ fees to a woman in a case against Pennsylvania Children and Youth for denial of her foster care payments.  However, the judge greatly reduced the fees requested.  One attorney, whom sought $78,150 in fees had the amount reduced to $43,948 with the judge citing insufficient documentation for both the hours and rate requested.  –